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Custom built kayaks
Kayaks and Stand up Paddleboards
​Stand up Paddleboards

At MARTIN MARINE we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We build kayaks to order and custom fit the boats for every customer.

I am in the process of building some Kaholo SUP boards.   

With their uncanny speed, the Kaholo 12-6 and Kaholo 14 have found a following among racers. The 14 is better for larger paddlers (or those who might carry along dogs or small kids). The 12-6 is more compact, better for smaller-statured paddlers, and it fits in several increasingly popular racing classes. There are no other SUP boards in the world that are easier for a first-time user or better-looking and performance is top-notch. 

Kaholo 14:
14'0" Length
4-5/8" Thickness
29-1/2" Width at the rail
27-1/2" Width at the waterline
32 pounds

Kaholo 12-6:
12'6" Length
4-1/2" Thickness
29-3/4" Width at the rail 
28" Width at the waterline
29 pounds

Cyprus-strip kayaks are admired for their beauty and functionality. Kayaks made entirely of ​cyprus strips require a “strongback” and special molds, which translates into a lot of skilled labor and time. Why not combine the best qualities of stitch-and-glue plywood kayaks with the beauty of a ​cyprus strip deck?

This is exactly what we have done with the Shearwater Hybrid kayak kits. We took the standard Shearwater’s graceful hull lines and added a strip-planked deck. The resulting hybrid of strip and plywood techniques combines the look of a ​cyprus-strip hull with the speedy assembly and great handling of a West Greenland-style hull. The Shearwater Hybrid is a kayak with elegance and individuality. Since the hull forms the “strongback” for constructing the strip-planked deck, assembly time is a fraction of an all-strip hull. Our Shearwater 16 display model took about 100 hours from start to finish!

As paddling boats, the Shearwaters are sophisticated and fast. On the water, the Shearwater demonstrates excellent poise and responsiveness in a broad range of conditions, edging turns easily when leaned but tracking straight when pushed hard in surfing conditions. The narrow beam and low profile translates into fewer corrective strokes and more paddling energy spent on covering ground. The speed and relatively narrow beam means the Shearwaters are not beginner paddling boats, but athletic paddlers and paddlers with intermediate skills will find them an excellent fit.

If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
​ Mystery 
This kayak is in the "Sea Kayak Touring Class" as defined by the United States Canoe Association - 20ft max length, with a 4" water line beam of at least 18".
The mystery is 20ft long overall with a 19' - 11 1/8" waterline length. While the design is 18" wide at the 4" waterline, with a 200 lbs paddler the boat will draw 3 1/4" and the waterline beam will be 17 3/8". The hull is computer optimized to have a very low wetted surface area and extremely low wave-making shape for the minimum possible drag. The overall maximum beam flares out 20" to conform to the minimum requirements of the Blackburn Challenge Sea Kayak class. The flare also provides additional secondary stability and excellent downwind surfing performance.

The foredeck is high enough to provide a clean, dry and fast ride in both open water and heavy chop. The cockpit is cut away to allow efficient, close-to-the-hull paddle strokes. Paddlers are able to sit with their knees up allowing full leg extension and torso rotation.

This design is strip built with 1/8" thick strips on the deck and 3/16" strip on the hull. With a lightweight racing layup the kayak can be built with a bare-boat weight of 26 lbs and fully equipped at 31 lbs or less.

This design will perform best when equipped with a rudder. It tracks very straight and is barely effected by wind, but efficient steering at a race pace is best provided by an efficient rudder. It is a stiff turning boat, not suitable for races with a lot of sharp turns, but runs fast on a straight away. Due to the narrow waterline beam of this design, it is not particularly stable, however a low seat will make it comfortable for most experienced paddlers. A higher seat placement will allow better leverage for those comfortable with the stability.

Shearwater 16 Hybrid
All the boats we build use plans that originate at Chesapeake Lightcraft.  You can order the plans and kits directly from CLC. But it will be to your advantage to have it built by professional boatbuilders at Martin Marine.
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